Key Features

Exterior of sportcoat incorporates Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades pattern:  

There is no greater feature on any Perfect Pattern Sportcoat than the luxurious exterior camo fabric. Any serious waterfowler knows that this pattern is the premier pattern out in the duck blind and it works great on a finely tailored sportcoat. Finding the ideal fabric for this bold jacket was an incredibly time intense labor of love. However, the wearer benefits from the comfortable and breathable weight of the 100% spun polyester which provide the perfect combination of luxury, function and year-round wear.

Modern Fit: 

 The modern fit is a cross between a traditional full cut and a slim fit.  This more tapered cut provides a flattering more tapered drop from the chest to the waist. This highlights the wearer's silhouette while accommodating the majority of physical builds.

•Traditional two button jacket:  

This feature provides wearers with the benefit of making the wearer look taller and slimmer. This appearance is created by the lower button stance of a 2-button sportcoat which creates a deep "V". The longer lapels deepen the point at which the jacket is buttoned, giving the appearance of elongating the torso.

•Notch lapel:  

This traditional feature is appropriate for most business attire and formal occasions. This is the perfect lapel type for a sportcoat that incorporates a bold feature like the camo pattern of a Perfect Pattern Sportcoat. 

•Double rear vent:  

A jacket that incorporates a double rear vent provides several benefits. This feature allows for a greater range of movement and allows the wearer to sit more easily. Additionally, this feature gives the appearance of a narrower waist due to the sportcoat splaying out wider at the hips which highlights the wearer's silhouette.

•Front hacking pockets:

The hacking pocket is a subtle feature. It incorporates diagonally cut flap pockets on the front of the sportcoat that are angled in and up. This draws the eyes of onlooker's in and up towards the sternum. This provides the benefit of making the wearer appear slimmer and taller. The term "hacking" comes from the word "Hackney" which refers to a saddle horse which was typically used for pleasure riding in the 18th century. This angled pocket provided easier access to the contents of the pocket while on a horse.

Fully lined black, satin interior with silver piping and accents:

The silver piping throughout the liner provides a beautiful contrast on the inside of the sportcoat that follows the curvature of the scalloped facing. This custom feature is usually only seen in high end suit jackets and sportcoats and highlights the silver on the exclusive Perfect Pattern Sportcoat embroidered patch.

•Exclusive Perfect Pattern Patch sewn into every Sportcoat: 

 This provides a custom look that is only available on Perfect Pattern Sportcoats.

•Scalloped facing throughout liner:

This high-end feature refers to the continuous curved border throughout the liner.  This custom detail also incorporates contrast silver piping throughout the liner. This custom feature is usually only seen in high end suit jackets and sportcoats.

Pick Stitching throughout liner: 

This subtle custom detail refers to the silver stitching that is seen slightly inside of the scalloped face.   This creates a tailored, custom look. This custom feature is usually only seen in high end suit jackets and sportcoats.

•Lapel button hole:

This provides the perfect location to attach the American Flag Lapel Pin that is provided with the purchase of every Perfect Pattern Sportcoat.

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Pattern

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Pattern