Who We Are


A New Idea



Perfect Pattern Sportcoats is a high-end menswear company that was born when an avid South Carolina waterfowler identified a problem and decided to create a solution. As avid duck hunters, we wanted a finely tailored sportcoat that was designed with the highest attention to detail while making a bold but tasteful statement. This was accomplished by teaming up with Mossy Oak as Official Licensees and incorporating the absolute best camo patterns into every sportcoat that we make. By doing so, a Perfect Pattern Sportcoat can be worn in any environment from casual to formal. We are now committed to helping as many people as possible have the most fun that they have ever had while wearing a sportcoat. The rest is history.



An Interesting Back-Story


However, there is a bit more of a backstory that is worth telling. One of the Co-Founders, Austyn Markwell Swisher, is the Great Grand Daughter of Kenneth Markwell Sr. For those of you that know your South Carolina History, Kenneth Markwell Sr. was the Chief Project engineer for the Santee-Cooper hydro-electric, navigation and flood control project that began in 1938.  This project required the acquisition of approximately 1,000 tracts of land that covered around 177,000 acres or 200 square miles and was the largest land-clearing project in US history.  Although the goal at the time was to create more affordable power to a very rural area that had been struggling to rebuild after the Civil War.  It also stimulated the economy by creating thousands of jobs and creating significant economic growth.  However, the project had another dramatic long-term impact on an environmental aspect that may not have been considered at the time.  By creating Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie, they created arguably the greatest waterfowl habitat in the state of South Carolina and forever impacted and improved our states ability to maintain and create healthy waterfowl and wetland areas.  At Perfect Pattern Sportcoats, we understand that this is an important aspect of our environment and that is why we are Gold Sponsors with Ducks Unlimited and proud supporters of the South Carolina Waterfowl Association.  Now, Perfect Pattern Sportcoats reinvests in the organizations that can help sustain and grow wetlands and waterfowl in the Santee area as well as the rest of the country for future generations to come.  Check out these links for more information about the Santee-Cooper Project.




We Challenge You

We challenge our customers to wear a Perfect Pattern Sportcoats product to any event without getting at least a dozen compliments.  It's nearly impossible.  When customers wear one of our sportscoats it creates conversations that allow our customers to share their personal experiences and memories that they have made in the duck blinds or in the woods.